Downloads – updated 3/13/20

Tips for buying your first traditional bow

Here's a rundown of what to look for when buying your first "stickbow".

Tips for buying your first Olympic bow

While the principles for choosing an Olympic bow are similar to any other bow, the myriad of accessories can be daunting. The above provides a practical approach based on my years of experience training new Olympic archers.

Ten steps for setting up an Olympic or any ILF bow

Now that you have an ILF bow, here's a simple procedure for getting it set up.

How to find an archery coach or instructor

Eight points to think about when looking for a coach or instructor.

Aluminum arrow spine table

You can come pretty close to finding the correct aluminum arrow for your bow by using the Arrow Guide button on the left of this page. When you need to further refine your selection, the above table will give you actual spine deflections and weights for Easton's aluminum arrows.

Updated Endless Loop String Jig

This is a heavy duty endless loop string jig, that is super rigid and easy to build. I was able to put it together in about an hour and the cost of the components was less than $30.

I've also included directions for making an endless loop string.

Acrobat Reader

The above files are in PDF format. A free PDF reader can be downloaded from Adobe.